It's that time of year for most of us. The garden can be very enjoyable and rewarding. Getting our hands in the dirt, watching our plants grow to maturity, and finally the harvest. Unfortunately sometimes our neighborhood wildlife agrees as well. So how can we stop pests from destroying our gardens? 1. Fence the garden if you are able to. Even some string on a few posts can create a space for the garden. But fences do not usually keep pests out completely. But it's a start. 2. Sprinkle Nature's Defense granuals, or spray the Nature's Defense Liquid around your garden. Start with 2 to 3 times a week to establish that animals are not welcome. The natural repellents in the our proprietary mixture can help deter deer, elk, rodents, and more. The best part is, that no one gets hurt. You and your kids can play and walk around without any concern. Your pets are also safe and may also stay away from the garden, bonus. The pests will not be harmed either. They should just stay away from the treated area. 3. Enjoy all the fruits of your labor.