THIS PRODUCT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY RODENT SERVICES ARE LOOKED AT! We have two sites now that have had many sightings and catches over the past two years and since we have deployed this product, we have had almost no more activity. My branch will be using this product for the foreseeable future. Thoroughly impressed! 

Chris Buckaloo, Pest Control – Florida 

In June 2014 a trial placement of Nature’s Defense Rodent Repellent was made in a local food production facility. This facility is over 70 years old and has a long history of constant rodent pressure due to its age and location. Exclusion, exterior bait stations and trapping were all in place. However, the pressure was constant and rodent sightings, droppings and product damage were a daily concern. The initial application of Nature’s Defense Rodent Repellent was packet placement in 4 IBS devices fastened to the wall about 9” off the floor in an ingredient room located in the core of the plant. These were the only placements. Rodent activity inside the entire structure stopped within the first 24 hours of placement. Packets are changed out each month and since the initial application, there has not been one single incident of rodent sightings, droppings, urine, or product damage inside the entire facility. Over time, the level of activity in the exterior bait stations has also dropped off– indicating that the rodents are averse to the repellent even in the vicinity of the building. The result is an extremely satisfied client and a pest control operator who has more time to access and evaluate the site instead of battling constant rodent pressure.

Jeff McGovern, Pest Coach

A consultant who works with the pest control company told us about a new product we should try and that he was having good success with it. The product was Nature’s Defense Rodent Repellant. The consultant supplied the product and placed it in interior bait station boxes. The product is USDA approved for use in food facilities and we are so pleased to have it. After he installed the Repellant it was nearly like turning a light switch off. One day we had rodents and the next they were gone. We have had the Natures Defense Repellant in our plant for a year now and we have not had even 1 report of activity. For us to go from having issues daily to having had ZERO ACTIVITY for the past year is absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend Nature’s Defense Rodent Repellant as part of your routine pest control Program.  

Mike Traver, Quality Assurance Manager

I have a beautiful 3 acre pond and never realized how much damage beavers can do. They not only took down multiple trees along the banks, they went after the cat tails in the pond for food. Many years ago I wanted to get rid of the cattails until I learned that they actually clean the water. The water in my pond is perfectly clear and pristine where we swim, paddle boat, feed our fish, etc… When the beavers attacked thousands of cattails, they were close to destroying the ecosystem of my pond that took almost 20 years to establish, all within a couple of weeks! I was in tears!

I researched trappers that I could not afford, found that hunting them is illegal, and was so distraught until I found the Nature’s Defense website. You saved my pond!! Within days, the damage stopped and we are doing maintenance treatments now. The repellant is so natural, chemical free, and didn’t affect the other wildlife or my water. Words cannot express what saving my pond means to me. You guys are fantastic and can’t thank you enough!  

Nancy R.

The good news is, your product is doing very well for us in our June book. And that makes me very happy. I will also say that we have personally used your product here at the office. We have a very difficult problem with geese. Or I should say had. Someone suggested to me that geese are herbivores like deer and rabbits and that using a general all purpose animal repellant might do the trick. Your company was kind enough to send me 6 containers quite some time ago and I used 4 of them on the lawn outside our front door. And I am telling you the geese are now across the street and haven’t returned in two full days. No more messes on the sidewalk and angry pecking on the way to our cars! We are so happy with your product. We only have 2 containers left and I’m sure we’ll use them again when the geese return.  

Lisa T.

We just started using the Weiser’s Nature’s Defense from Soergel’s and it has worked great. This is the first spring in many years that our flowers are growing and not totally destroyed by the deer. We are very excited about using the packets around our landscaping as the deer have stripped at least twenty of our trees bare the last few years. Thanks again and hope all goes well for you.  

Ben C.

Hi….The person at Glenshaw Feed recommended your product as a way to keep dogs away. We have over an acre and are surrounded on all sides by woods and people with many acres and so we have about 5 dogs running free, all of whom love our yard to poop in. (Not to mention a pot-bellied pig, raccoons, etc. ) I have found limited success using your product but only if I re-apply in the worst areas every two days or so. That’s ok…it’s better than before. But I see dogs aren’t mentioned on the site and I wonder if you have another recommendation.

AND…the side effect is that it has controlled the deer! After using I don’t know how many products, I accidentally discovered how well this works for deer. I’ll start using it right away next spring. I’m buying the big bucket today. Thanks. Great product!  

Diane Z.

I am a homeowner living near a reservoir and protected land which is a haven for deer.

I purchased Nature’s Defense 60 day waterproof packs last year from Harris Seed Co. Your product worked beautifully and all my bushes, shrubs and flowers remained intact.


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