mark weiserMark Weiser, the founder of Weiser Group LLC and the formula developer for Nature’s Defense, has been doing animal communication research for over thirty years. This research has opened up opportunities for Mr. Weiser to work with numerous biologists and research labs around the country in an effort to develop animal communication products that are safe, easy to use and really work.

With multiple patents on animal communication products that have been distributed on a national level, the Nature’s Defense patent pending formula is the most advanced and effective animal repellent designed to date by Mr. Weiser. His thirty years of research knowledge has been instrumental in the development and design of Nature’s Defense first-of-its-kind formula. Click Here to see the results of testing done with commercial repellents and see the effectiveness of Weiser’s Nature’s Defense All Purpose Animal Repellent. Weiser Group LLC also has a licensed commercial animal repellent application business that is certified by the State of Pennsylvania. The Nature’s Defense formula is the key product used in their application business.

Now, for the first time Weiser Group is offering their professional strength Nature’s Defense formula to the public.