August 17, 2017 Mouse & Rat No Comments

As August winds down, we have our autumn checklists right around the corner.  As kids are going back to school, vacation season is ending, you’re starting to think about raking and mulching leaves, closing your pool and finally that brings us to your toys.  Maybe it’s your RV, maybe it’s your cabin, maybe it’s your boat or jetski. Regardless, be sure to protect it properly when winterizing.


3 Things to consider when winterizing your favorite toys this year.

Damage = $$

Thinking about that spring trip with the RV or that trip up to the cabin?  Well, if you don’t protect your rig against rodents, your vacation budget might be sizably smaller.  A rodent nesting in your RV may chew through wires or fuel tubes.  When you go to winterize your toy, you might not be getting it back in the same shape.  And that can be expensive.

Choose your insurance wisely

It may be difficult to consider the logistics of winterizing your RV when you’re in the moment of purchasing.  However, we insist that you choose wisely when considering insurance companies and policies.  Consider the threats that your purchase may face during the winter months.  Comprehensive coverage is an optional coverage on an RV insurance policy.

Secure points of entry

Make sure your cover is tightly secured in your boat.  Close your chimney in your cabin.  Cover all ports on your RV.  Absolutely vital to consider all points of entry to properly complete the winterization process.
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Written by Todd Williams