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July 7, 2017

I have a beautiful 3 acre pond and never realized how much damage beavers can do. They not only took down multiple trees along the banks, they went after the cat tails in the pond for food. Many years ago I wanted to get rid of the cattails until I learned that they actually clean the water. The water in my pond is perfectly clear and pristine where we swim, paddle boat, feed our fish, etc… When the beavers attacked thousands of cattails, they were close to destroying the ecosystem of my pond that took almost 20 years to establish, all within a couple of weeks! I was in tears!

I researched trappers that I could not afford, found that hunting them is illegal, and was so distraught until I found the Nature’s Defense website. You saved my pond!! Within days, the damage stopped and we are doing maintenance treatments now. The repellant is so natural, chemical free, and didn’t affect the other wildlife or my water. Words cannot express what saving my pond means to me. You guys are fantastic and can’t thank you enough!

Written by Nature's Defense