July 7, 2017 No Comments
July 7, 2017

The good news is, your product is doing very well for us in our June book. And that makes me very happy. I will also say that we have personally used your product here at the office. We have a very difficult problem with geese. Or I should say had. Someone suggested to me that geese are herbivores like deer and rabbits and that using a general all purpose animal repellant might do the trick. Your company was kind enough to send me 6 containers quite some time ago and I used 4 of them on the lawn outside our front door. And I am telling you the geese are now across the street and haven’t returned in two full days. No more messes on the sidewalk and angry pecking on the way to our cars! We are so happy with your product. We only have 2 containers left and I’m sure we’ll use them again when the geese return.

Written by Nature's Defense