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July 7, 2017

In June 2014 a trial placement of Nature’s Defense Rodent Repellent was made in a local food production facility. This facility is over 70 years old and has a long history of constant rodent pressure due to its age and location. Exclusion, exterior bait stations and trapping were all in place. However, the pressure was constant and rodent sightings, droppings and product damage were a daily concern. The initial application of Nature’s Defense Rodent Repellent was packet placement in 4 IBS devices fastened to the wall about 9” off the floor in an ingredient room located in the core of the plant. These were the only placements. Rodent activity inside the entire structure stopped within the first 24 hours of placement. Packets are changed out each month and since the initial application, there has not been one single incident of rodent sightings, droppings, urine, or product damage inside the entire facility. Over time, the level of activity in the exterior bait stations has also dropped off– indicating that the rodents are averse to the repellent even in the vicinity of the building. The result is an extremely satisfied client and a pest control operator who has more time to access and evaluate the site instead of battling constant rodent pressure.

Written by Nature's Defense