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Hi…. The person at Glenshaw Feed recommended your product as a way to keep dogs away. We have over an acre and are surrounded on all sides by woods and people with many acres and so we have about 5 dogs running free, all of whom love our yard to poop in. (Not to mention a pot-bellied pig, raccoons, etc. ) I have found limited success using your product but only if I re-apply in the worst areas every two days or so. That’s ok…it’s better than before. But I see dogs aren’t mentioned on the site and I wonder if you have another recommendation.

AND…the side effect is that it has controlled the deer! After using I don’t know how many products, I accidentally discovered how well this works for deer. I’ll start using it right away next spring. I’m buying the big bucket today. Thanks. Great product!

Diane Z. July 7, 2017

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