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Nature's Defense Pro
January 8, 2018

“We are having great results with your Nature’s Defense Mouse & Rat repellent. We went into a large workshop/shed that was in a customer’s back yard…about 800 sq ft, so it was a large shed.  The rat droppings were all over the place and the urine was so bad, you could not breathe.  Seriously, I probably should have had a mask to protect myself from inhaling the bacteria.  I did a perimeter treatment inside and outside the workshop.  And the lady could not believe how great the product repelled the mice and rats from the workshop.  Second time we treated we set up a couple of repel stations, but doing a perimeter treatment did the job on a structure that is really not airtight, etc.  Lots of places for them to renter if they wanted to.  Same thing on her covered back porch of 100 sq ft.  The mice were climbing up the walls where she had “kink – knacks”. feces on her patio furniture, one treatment and the product got them out there.  She walked around with me, watching what I was doing.  She couldn’t believe something that smelled so good would repel the nasty varmints.”

Written by Nature's Defense