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Nature's Defense Pro
January 8, 2018

“I was called in recently to deal with rats seen in a golf supply warehouse.  The manager showed me how rats have destroyed at least $3,000 of golf club covers in inventory. She described how rats were seen coming in from the roof and she pointed out the gaps in the ceiling beams as entry points. Rat feces were found all around the warehouse.  To address the issue, I applied Housing Boxes loaded with Weiser’s Nature’s Defense repellent packets in problem areas and at entry points in and around the building.  I am also applying Nature’s Defense rodent repellent granules around the outside of the building. This has dramatically reduced rat infestation within the first few days and now after two months, no more rat problems or sightings.  The manager is extremely happy with the results and I am very happy to have been able to solve this problem without the use of poison. I have not had any Call-Backs at this new customer’s warehouse, so it saves me money by reducing my travel costs and travel time.”

Written by Nature's Defense