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“We got a late-night, emergency call one weekend from a man in a residential development He had a poisoned rat thrashing around in his attic and he wanted it OUT!  He had developed a rat infestation problem and had bought some rat poison at a big box store and placed it around his home…  A rat had eaten the poison, went into his attic and was making disturbing noises as it died.  I went to the customer’s home at 11PM that night, crawled around in the attic, found and removed the now-dead rat.  In the meantime, we had started to deploy Nature’s Defense at his home and no further rats have been seen.   We now have a very satisfied customer.  These “crawl around the attic” episodes are the sort of problems that customers and we, as applicators, can eliminate by using Nature’s Defense.”

Chad Smith Emerald Pest Control Nature's Defense Pro January 8, 2018

Written by Nature's Defense