How to get rid of squirrels


A squirrel is a small or medium-sized rodent. The squirrel family also include flying squirrels, as well as ground squirrels such as the chipmunks, prairie dogs, and woodchucks. Squirrels are generally clever and persistent animals. Although expert climbers squirrels also thrive in urban environments that are largely free of trees. Squirrels are sometimes considered pests because of their propensity to chew on various edible and inedible objects. This characteristic trait aids in maintaining sharp teeth because their teeth grow continuously and prevents over-growth.

Squirrels causing problems in your lawn or garden?

In residential neighborhoods they are notorious for eating out of bird feeders, digging in potted plants or digging up bulbs either to bury or recover seeds, and for inhabiting sheltered areas including attics.

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Directions: How to repel Squirrels

Sprinkle Nature’s Defense granular animal repellent directly over and around the areas that the squirrels are causing damage too. Apply Nature’s Defense twice a week for the first two weeks, then once a week for maintenance.

Note: Allow one week for Nature’s Defense All Purpose Animal Repellent to take full effect.

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