Wild wood mouse


Mice are small rodents that usually have pointed snouts and small ears. The body is typically elongated with slender, usually hairless tails, but different types of mice show large variations. Body dimensions vary considerably by species, though some approximate values are available: total length 28-130 mm. The original motivation for the domestication of cats is thought to have been for their predation of mice and their relatives, the rats.

Mice causing problems in your lawn or garden?

Mice can be harmful pests in the home, spreading diseases through their parasites and feces. They find their way into your homes from small cracks along foundations and doorways. For most people, poisons, traps and glue strips are hard to deal with and can be dangerous to children and pets. If mice die in the home they can smell up the entire house.

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Directions: How to repel Mice

Nature’s Defense Mouse & Rat Repellent Packets work in problem areas around your home, including the attic, crawl space, cabinets, basement, garage, shed, RVs, winter storage areas, and more. Each 3.5-oz packet will cover approximately 100 sq. ft. and last for up to 30 days. Simply place the packets in any areas where problems exist, particularly at the point of entry. Pay special attention to feeding and nesting sites.

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