how to get rid of deer


The deer’s coat is a reddish-brown in the spring and summer and turns to a grey-brown throughout the fall and winter. Recent estimates put the deer population in the United States at around 30 million. Deer have a sense of smell 10,000-times more sensitive than humans. Conservation practices have proved so successful that, in parts of their range, the white-tailed deer populations currently far exceed their carrying capacity and the animal may be considered a nuisance.

Deer causing problems in your lawn or garden?

With deer populations exploding in rural and suburban areas, landscapes are feeling the damaging effects of heavy deer browsing. Deer can consume over 10 pounds of vegetation every day. Nature’s Defense is the most powerful form of Deer Control available today and your natural solution that is easy to use and guaranteed to work.

What is Nature’s Defense? Nature’s Defense is a powerful Patent Pending granular animal repellent that uses the strongest, most effective animal repellent ingredients found in nature today.

25 years of animal research and testing has gone into the development of this first-of-it’s-kind organic all purpose animal repellent that is 100% safe, organic and easy to use.

Now you can use the same research proven formula that professionals use as part of their animal control business. Controlling deer is easy by simply sprinkling Nature’s Defense organic formula around the area you want to protect; your deer problem will be solved quickly and easily.

Directions: How to repel Deer

Hang each 60-Day Weather-Proof Deer Repellent Pack using the enclosed twist ties, 2 to 4 feet off the ground. Reapply every 60-Days.

Note: Each property up to ½ acre should be treated with a minimum of 15 Deer Repellent Packs.

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