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The prairie dog is a small, burrowing rodent native to the grasslands of North America. On average, this stout-bodied rodent will grow to be between 12 and 16 inches (30 and 40 cm) long, including its short tail. They are found in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In the U.S., prairie dogs are primarily found west of the Mississippi River, though they have also been introduced in a few eastern locales.


Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Prairie Dogs causing problems in your lawn or garden?

Prairie dogs are frequently labeled as a pests because they are capable of damaging crops and often clear out the immediate area around their burrows of most of the vegetation.

Nature’s Defense is the most powerful form of Prairie Dog Control available today and your natural solution that is easy to use and guarenteed to work.

What is Nature’s Defense? Nature’s Defense is a powerful Patent Pending granular animal repellent that uses the strongest, most effective animal repellent ingredients found in nature today.

25 years of animal research and testing has gone into the development of this first-of-it’s-kind organic all purpose animal repellent that is 100% safe, organic and easy to use.

Now you can use the same research proven formula that professionals use as part of their animal control business. Controlling prairie dogs is easy by simply sprinkling Nature’s Defense organic formula around the area you want to protect; your prairie dog problem
will be solved quickly and easily.

Directions: How to repel Prairie Dogs

Sprinkle Nature’s Defense granular animal repellent directly over and around the areas that the prairie dogs are causing damage too. Apply twice a week for the first two weeks, then once a week for maintenance.

Each 22 ounce bottle of Nature’s Defense will cover up to 700 linear feet or 3500 square feet when applied as directed.

Each 50 lb. container will cover up to 25,000 linear feet or 125,000 square feet when applied as directed.

Allow one week for Nature’s Defense All Purpose Animal Repellent to take full effect.



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